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How to set Access Point ruckus r610 so it can be used by more than 100 clients

New Contributor II
Dear Master,

I want to ask,
I have ruckus R610 to install in my office. I use the default settings, before I searched the internet that ruckus r610 could be used for 512 clients. but why after 100 clients, the client to 101 cannot connect to ruckus.
how do I set Access Point ruckus r610 so that it can be used by more than 100 clients ???
I did not find it in the admin menu
I have tried editing on the Access point menu (like the attached picture) but it's still the same.
Please help me 😞

Before edit setting :
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2479007d1_ed4581dc1add944e71a310243de300c3_RackMultipart20190612115562dx3-82f30c80-7aec-484e-8606-ef9e5073dd32-1921277664.png1560320248

After edit setting :
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2479007d1_c501747a9b3a86d455f400ff5f0b0b8e_RackMultipart2019061229921a742-790de93b-880e-4417-94fa-b0d4673455f6-1750183424.png1560320234

Esteemed Contributor II
Please see KBA-4666: What is the maximum number of clients per AP / Radio by Auth type?
The Authentication/Encryption method on your WLANs can affect maximum number of clients.
This KBA needs updating, but R610 appears to be similar to R600 on radio capabilities.

I'm cannot access this link : 
Please help me. how to setting maxium number of clients per AP ? 😞 
currently only 100 clients can connect.

Arie, if you sign up on (it's free!) you will be able to access the KBA. I advise you to create an account. 

If you want to exceed 100 clients, you have can edit the WLAN - advanced options and in the priority tab under Max Clients change the amount of clients per radio. 

I have registered and when I want to see the article, an error appears as below:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c488135b77e247ad5950_37e62806aaf17269d1b9b48571ced61d_RackMultipart2019062036960g4tz-bbf33852-0a6e-4d50-a73e-3d4cf6388222-1618124418.png1561017965

I did not find the WLAN - Advanced menu as you said. when I log in to the dashboard it looks like this. on what menu can I find WLAN - Advanced?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c488135b77e247ad5950_9ce78f8aabfaba866b0615f4a963cd03_RackMultipart2019062081893y3ew-69ec00e2-f797-47b4-a840-f4732133b8b3-1863336262.png1561018163

Could you help me please ?
@pmonardo @Michael Brado