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How to re-connect Client's Machine on drop of wifi connection

New Contributor II
Hello Everyone! Question: how to re-connect to wifi Access Point once the connection gets lost? My system is Windows 10. It should be the way (or may ve third part Utility) which could detect that connection dropped - first and re-connect with automatic filling the password form - second! Any ideas/ suggestions!!

Contributor III
I would begin with understanding the scope of my disconnects. is it all devices at the same moment? or just this single device. Currently, on my Macbook pro, I have an SSID my computer refuses to connect to automatically. When I look at the SSID properties, "Connect Automatically" isn't specified. Lacking this, you might try in the morning after, before connecting the device to your wifi again, I'd simply restart the computer, to see if that kicked off a re-join. if all other devices are reconnecting, i'd start with trying to determine if my computer had an issue ( bad or old drivers).
so, quite the checklist 

I hope i understand the question and am giving good guidance. I hope it works out.

New Contributor II
Hi Andrew! Appreciate the advice! Once wifi connection dropped in the morning we don't need to restart. We just have to connect again and through the web page enter the password. I believe that the nature of disconnects is within the router. The system and all the driver are maintained updated/
But on Windows, this Automatic Connection is impossible because as I have mentioned before to connect we must call for the password page and make a couple of clicks. Windows cannot perform that by default. I don't really know about other devices because we use the network solely.