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How to re-connect Client's Machine on drop of wifi connection

New Contributor II
Hello Everyone! Question: how to re-connect to wifi Access Point once the connection gets lost? My system is Windows 10. It should be the way (or may ve third part Utility) which could detect that connection dropped - first and re-connect with automatic filling the password form - second! Any ideas/ suggestions!!

Contributor III
Maybe chose to completely forget all wireless connections to the network then try again?

New Contributor II
Hello Andrew! Thanks for coming! The connection gets lost usually at night on office machine when there is nobody to reset manually. Because of the drop, the wifi connection to the access point all the processes on the machine like file uploading to the Server etc. stopped. So at thy morning, I have to manually re-connect to the Router. What I want that this re-connect works automatically!

Esteemed Contributor II
Teve, you need a "Session Timeout" value on the WLAN that will last overnight (and/or an extended grace period to re-connect).
What type of WLAN (Guest Access, WPA-PSK, AAA/RADIUS/802.1x) authentication are you using?

Hello Michael! Thanks for coming! We have Guest Access with web page Authentication! Which way is it possible to set up this Session Timeout or extended grace period to re-connect? Do you mean that those interruptions we experience very often are programmed intentionally?