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How to integrate with Active directory or Radius with ZoneFlex R300 Access Point

New Contributor II
I Have ZoneFlex R300 Access Point. I want to integrate with active directory. How to do this stuff? It should be configure with radius server or without radius server. Pls anyone support me ASAP. 

You have to configure NPS (service on MS server, providing Radius functionality for user data in AD), and you can do it easy than, as with any standard server. There is detailed manual from Ruckus how to configure both ends, available on Ruckus partner site.

NPS server works for both stand-alone and connected to ZD AP, as it works exactly as a standard Radius server.
 With ZD you can also make direct authentication from MS AD, which doesn't require any configuration on MS Server. Unfortunately,  this mode applies only to WEB-authentication, which is not of much use -- except for guest network. But who will authenticate guests through MS AD?