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Mixing R700 with R301S

New Contributor III

We now have 10 x R700 and one ZD3025 and we consider buying 5 more R301S, would mixing both models ( not close to each other ) provide a stable working environment ? Our events and mainly in large open-space buildings. If mixing R700 and R301S is to be consider what would be the best practice in placing them across the venue ? Will we encounter client roaming issues ?

Valued Contributor II
I am sorry, what is R301S? May be you mean T301S? This are outdoor with 30x120 degree antennas. You can mix them with any other Ruckus AP in same system, but designing the coverage you have to take into account a lot of factors (how big is area, how many users is there, where you can mount APs, if there are obstacles, helping to divide open area into more separated coverage areas. Usually with high density you want all APs with directional antennas. If number of users isn't that big,  just a few hundreds, you can use omnidirectional APs, such as R700, if you can find favorable location.