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How to convert a R750 from unleashed to standalone?

New Contributor II
It can find some previous posts about how to convert R710 from unleashed to standalone.
I tried set the R750 unleashed to factory default and then using upgrade via web gui but it says R750_114. is not a valid images.
would like to find some helps here.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Ben,

You are uploading the incorrect image file. The AP you have is R710 and the image you uploaded is for R750.

You can download the R710 image from the below link. 

- Anusha

My AP is r750, what I found the related posts in the forum are about r710. I flashed the unleashed image accidentally when I reccived the unit. So I want to ask for the help how to flash stand-alone AP image to my AP based on current situation. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hi, just want to make sure that I'm using the correct method to update the fw. Could this file be uploaded to the unit by web gui directly? Is it corrected?

I would get the warning message "the updated software verison is, doesn't match with Master AP's, please choose the same version as Master AP." I found previous post that said it may need to downgrade to the specific fw version so that unit can be flashed to standalone fw.