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How do I get my new ZD 1200 to RELEASE a WAP to be a Stand Alone?

New Contributor
I've just gotten a Zone Director 1200, and 20 R510's. I have (my "old" WAP's) 15  7363's that I'm replacing.  Problem is, the ZD 1200 "grabbed" the 7363's (yes, I went through the setup a little too fast, without enough reading comprehension... my fault entirely!).  Now I find myself in a bad spot!
The ZD 1200 firmware version will allow managing the 7363's, But NOT the R510's.  If I update the ZD1200, I will be able to manage the R510's, but NOT the 7363's!

This makes a nice orderly installation of the new R510's problematic.

I'd LIKE to "release" the 7363's back to being "stand alone" WAP's (which they were before I turned on the ZD 1200, and clicked "OK, sure, capture them all and make them your slaves...".

Being as how these 7363's are in eight different buildings, I would PREFER not having to go "hands on" on all of them, but if I need to climb ladders, I'll climb ladders!

I have tried "deleting" the 7363's in the Configure-Access Points section of the Zone Director... but, they just sit forlornly blinking their DIR light, through reboots, etc.

I must just be missing something in the Zone Director that says "I release you from my service...". 

Tips most gratefully welcomed!
Paul F.
School IT Lackey

Contributor II
Hi Paul, the 7363's need another Firmware in standalone. i think you have to go to the webinterface of the 7363 and "upgrade" the firmware to the standalone one (like and configure each of them like before. i dont know if you can batch this job.
but you plan to replace the 7363's, then just do it right now.

New Contributor
Ugh... That is kind of what I had feared!  
Unfortunately, the campus needing to USE those WAP's while I run around to classrooms with a box full of R510's makes it "inconvenient".
Guess I really should have read the manual before firing up that ZD 1200, huh? LOL.  (Like I said, my fault entirely there... looks like I'm gonna pay for it!).

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

If anyone knows another way, I'd be happy to hear it!