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How can Ruckus R710 Deliver 800 Mbps on 2.4 Ghz ?

New Contributor II
I have Ruckus R710 deployed in Office environment, Ruckus R710 is configured on Static Channel on 2.4 Ghz.
I connect 1 Laptop with R710 my Laptop gets associated on 144 Mbps speed and try to download a 3Gb file the MAX throughput i Get is 11MBps = 88Mbps.
I connect 2 Laptops with R710 and the Speed gets shared (Laptop1=5MBps / Laptop2=6MBPS)
I connect 3 Laptops with R710 and again Speed gets Shared (1=3, 2=5, 3=2).

What is Understand is total capaity on this Unit is 100 Mbps = 12.5 MBps

How can anyone use 800 Mbps ?? Because incase i have 20 Client connected speed will be shared from 100 Mbps.