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How To Set Up Second AP T300 to join Mesh?

New Contributor III

I have 2 T300 APs, I configure the first one as unleashed, I already set up the mesh, how to make the second AP join the mesh from the first AP? do I need to make unleashed or standalone mode? and what next to do? 

Contributor II
Make sure you have mesh enabled on your Master AP: Admin & Services>System>Mesh>Mesh Settings. Take your second AP and connect it to the same LAN as the Master AP.

Log into your Unleashed dashboard and verify your second AP has been discovered (allow a few minutes).

Disconnect from the physical LAN and it should create a mesh connection.

Offcourse the second AP also needs to have unleashed software on it, otherwise the master node cannot understand it. connect the second on wired first, let it be discovered and added, when fully up, you can remove the wire and it will mesh to the master node.


Thanks for additional response

Do I need enable mesh on second AP? or the second AP will automatically added into mesh from the master AP?

You only have to enable it in your Unleashed dashboard. You will have to restore to factory default if you decide to disable mesh in the future.