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Hotspot configuration in outdoor solution

New Contributor II
i want create a metro Wifi Network with 200APsi want create hotspot service and authenticate user by AAA
for example, a user see my SSID in open state, after connecting get an IP address
and when open browser, see my login page and enter user/pass
then credential information forward to AAA (configured on DZ) and if AAA accept credential, user
can access to internet?
now i have 2 questions
1- this model is implementable?
2- i configure DZ (hotspot and AAA) but user con not see my login page? what is the problem?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, your implementaion is feasible.  You may be blocking some important ports on your firewall to/from the ZoneDirector.
There are tips in this article to help configure a HotSpot service.