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Announcement: End of Life for zf7363, zf7343, zf7341, zf7441 Access Points

Esteemed Contributor II
As Ruckus development has employed newer more capable radio
components, and

added more memory and CPU resources to our ZoneDirector and
Access Point product

lines, the earlier and less capable products are gradually
being discontinued. 


Recent End of Life announcements have been posted regarding ZD1100
model controller,

ZoneFlex 7363/7343/7341/7441 and SmartCell 8800 model access
points.  These products

will not be available for sale after September 30, 2015.  Please see the EoL notices for the

details on firmware and replacement support.

New Contributor
Dear Ruckus Team,

Our customer now is interested in ZF7441, and want to use with their inbulding system.
What model is the replacement of ZF7441 ? Or Ruckus don't want to provide DAS anymore ?

(Our customer has deployed some office buildings with ZF7441, and they're very satisfy with this product).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks a lot for your support !

Ruckus Authorized Reseller in Vietnam

New Contributor III
Hi Hoai,

Thank you for the positive feedback on the ZF7441.  
Unfortunately there is no replacement product for the ZF7441 - we have decided to discontinue DAS product offerings due to limited market traction as well as the fact that there is not much value add Ruckus can provide in DAS systems given incompatibility with our differentiating radio technologies like BeamFlex.  We encourage customers interested in deploying DAS to consider alternate deployment models using our active AP product line. 

Ruckus will continue to support ZF7441 deployments as described in the ZF7441 End of Life announcement.

Thank you,
Dave Botha