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High Drops and Retries on R730

New Contributor II
Hello everyone. I have a mixture of R710 and R730 APs in my environment and honestly just added the R730 APs as we had such good luck with the R710.

Anyway I added the R730 APs in the areas with the most user traffic, however all my clients seem to be preferring the neighboring R710 APs

I'm also noticing on my R730 that I am getting a very high Drop and Retry Percentage:
Radio                          802.11b/g/n/ax         802.11a/n/ac/ax
% Retries/% Drops     19.6/0.260               15.5/19.0
PHY Errors                  462                          112

The Drops and Retries on my R710 APs are in the .00008% compared to these.

They are all controlled by a ZoneDirector 1200 and I'm wondering if I have some settings wrong somewhere or something might be wrong with my setup. Thanks so much! If there is any more info I can get to help solve this, I'm happy to provide! Thanks!

New Contributor II

It's my understanding the R730s act strange if you do not have adequate power.  Talking with support and engineering, I've been told the R730 must have PoH/uPoE to function properly.  I'm currently testing this out in my environment.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the Reply! I have them plugged into a switch providing PoE+, so is that not sufficient? I would love to hear when you have tested it out for yourself too! 

New Contributor II
I had a similar experience as your description using only PoE+, low throughput, high discos, user complaints.

I moved my lab R730 to PoH and noticed a substantial increase in performance.  I have plans to roll out in the next two weeks and will reply with my results.

How does one move to PoH? We've got only 5 of the R730s in one site so can't justify the ICX switches. Is there an easy way to support these under PoH without a huge capital investment? We have POE+ switch but we suspect the 730s need still more power...