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Hello, how to migrate from ZD controller to standalone for ruckus R 310

New Contributor
My zonedirector doesn't working so I need to reconfigure my access points as standalone how can I proceed?

Hi, Niyongira
U should downkoad standalone SW in every your AP & tune each of them manually.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Niyongira,

Please follow below instructions to convert ZD managed AP's to standalone:

Reset the AP to factory default by holding the reset button for 15 seconds. Login to the AP's default IP using username : super and password : sp-admin and upload the image file by clicking upgrade under maintenance and selecting the image file downloaded.

Once upgraded, you may configure the ssids under configure >> 2.4 G and configure the same wlan under 5G radio.


Contributor III
Hi Niyongira,

To convert the ZD based APs to Stand alone, they have to be accessed individually via CLI and enable their web access using command "set https enable" and they have to be upgraded to Standalone firmware after the upgrade all the APs have to be individually configured.

Another method is, if you have all as R310 AP then they can be used with Unleashed (New Controller less platform) firmware please upgrade one AP with Unleashed firmware it will act as Master(Controller) and configure the SSIDs on them, then please upgrade all the others with Unleashed firmware the later upgraded APs would connect to the first one without any effort if all the APs are in L2.

Hope it helps.


Abilash PR