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Can't get 7982 to detect DHCP or ZD

New Contributor III

We have connected our 7363 APs ok but our 7982 APs don't work, they power up, solid green light, but don't DIR.

They are sitting on an HP 2920 switch pulling 4 watts power each. We only currently Have a few APs plugged in each switch for testing.

Please help. We are running v9.6 latest.

New Contributor III
hi Leonard,
Could you please set a static IP on the ZF7982 AP and check?
If it still fails, keep an eye on ZD DIR led status, let us know what it shows.

Slow Blink means trying to find the ZD.
Fast blink means found the ZD and AP is in the process of joining the ZD.
Static LED means that AP joined the ZD and is connected.



Hi Ramprakash

Kindly allow me to ask a question about Ruckus 7982. I purchased 1 second hand but only the power LED lights up green. No other LED come on. I want to configure it as a standalone AP from my modem. It gives the SSL error .



New Contributor III
No DIR at all on any 7982 AP

New Contributor III
I will check a static IP tomorrow while at work and let you know the result