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H510 - SSIDs isolated to individual switch ports

New Contributor II
I've seen similar questions asked, but this is a bit of a unique setup.

I want to be able have 4 SSIDs, we'll say 1-4, SSID 1 is isolated to port 1, SSID 2 to port 2 and so on.  The goal being that if a client connects to SSID 1, they can only traverse the network connected on port 1.

I've used the 7343 units prior for this scenario and it works fine using the easy VLAN wizard/visual grid selection.  Basically it's a 1 to 1 mapping between SSID and switch port, I just make the SSID a member of one port and make it a non-member of the other ones.  Nice and simple.

The interface all changed with the H510, but I'm hoping the same thing can be accomplished.

I'm not quite sure which combination of settings on the SSID for the Access VLAN/packet forward and the ethernet ports page will accomplish this.  Some of the settings I choose seemingly revert, like setting packet forwarding to isolated just kicks it back to forward to WAN.  This may not matter given what I'm trying to do, but thought I'd mention it.