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H320 Firmware Upgrade Failed

New Contributor II
Hello evryone, i have Ruckus H320 and i try to upgrade firmware, but i got error message after finnish upload the firmware image to H320. The error said ( image public key verification failed ). is there any option to fix this problem? Thank YouImage_ images_messages_5f91c3f9135b77e2479050d9_e6b99d2f3703374e9181016e30213a37_RackMultipart201901161226601l2-98e88ee0-528b-4a0c-8c67-2690a58a384c-183363758.jpg1547623147

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Tunggul,

    Go to the Maintenance::Support Info page and save a copy of your AP support info.  Then please open a case with our TAC, and report your H320 on Solo AP is giving you this error.  There was a bug SCG-75774 for something similar seen on 110 image and R730 AP, but Eng closed as unreproduceble.

     Thought #2, can you take the "(1)" out of your H320 image file name, and try to upload it again?

     Thought #3, can you load the 106.1 Solo AP image for H320?

New Contributor II
option 2 and option 3 already test and still have the same error on booth AP. for option 1 this AP doesn't belong to my asset. So how can i open case for this AP.

I already download both AP Support info.

The person/company whose asset this AP is, needs to open the case.

okay i will contact them to open case this two product