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Guest Wifi login fails

New Contributor

Hi, we have 1 master and 4 access points for company and Guest Wifi access, we are experiencing an issue with one of the AP's whereby we are able to connect to the company Wifi and it authenticates fine but for some reason we are not able to login to the Guest Wifi, we get a message that the login credentials are incorrect but if I go to another zone and connect through the AP there I can login to the Guest Wifi with the same credentials. This only happens in this one area, we have removed that AP and installed it in a different zone to test and it works there so I know the AP must be okay, when I take the AP back to the original zone and install it it would work for a bit and then do the same again, we were using POe but even tried on its own power supply  to see if it could be that but no luck, I have tried a different AP that we know is stable  and I have the same issue in this one zone, the network connections were tested on the switches and cables but no luck. Has anyone experienced this before?  Thank you.