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Guest Portal not working on 5.2

New Contributor II
After upgrading our Virtual SmartZone and all AP Zones to 5.2, we ran into an issue with the Captive Portal on our Guest SSID's no longer working on R730's and R610's.  I don't know if any other model had the same issue, but after downgrading the AP firmware back to 5.1.2, Captive Portal was working again.  We had tried factory resetting the AP's, moving them to a different controller on same firmware, deleting and re-creating the SSID's, etc.

Support is working to replicate the issue, but wanted to make sure people knew what we ran into in case you see it as well.

What model APs are you using?  We noticed it was only breaking on certain AP models for us.

Here are R730 and R720

New Contributor III
Keith, this was important to know. Thanks for sharing your experience!

New Contributor II
Hi Keith, we're having the same issue with our R510 and R310 access points and we worked around it by reverting the firmware to a 5.1 release too. Before we open a case, did support solve the problem?

New Contributor
Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? I've recently upgraded our vSZ-H and suffering the same issue. We are running a mixture of R500, R720 and T300.