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Firmware recommendations for ZD1100

New Contributor III
Dear All,

I am looking for confirmation that I am on the right path :)

I am running a ZD1100 on

AP's are: 22 of 7962, 8 of 7363, 3 of 7372.

(All is EOL except for the 7372.)

While I know that the ZD1100 will support, does anyone have experience running the ZD1100 with that firmware revision with the above APs?

I am trying to determine if it's a wise move to do the upgrade.

Most of our 7962 APs are not heavily populated by clients. I have about 3-4 that might have 75-110 users, but the rest have between 20-30. About 3 remote areas use mesh.

We are not using DPSK's yet, but we are about to move in that direction. I wanted to have the latest firmware for our APs before we attempt.


Esteemed Contributor II
The ZD1100 platform can easily manage your 33 APs, and yes, 9.8.3 is the latest firmware with 7962 support (that we recommend).

New Contributor II
That version worked fine with our 7363s and 7372s. We don't have any 7962s so I can't comment on those.

Contributor III
Make sure you follow the correct upgrade path and method of upgrading:

Get ready for the long haul as this will take some time 🙂