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Extremely sticky clients after migrating from Unleashed to Ruckus One (802.11v missing?)

New Contributor III

I have two R650s in a residential setting which were running Unleashed. On Unleashed iPad and iPhone roaming was fantastic. I had 802.11r, 802.11k, and 802.11v (roam factor 5) all enabled. 

I've now migrated the AP code to Ruckus One and now I'm having terrible client stickiness issues with my iPad and iPhone. I thought I mirrored the same settings from Unleashed (802.11r, 802.11k), but I don't see any 802.11v related settings. Now, instead of seamless roaming around my house between APs, unless the signal drops to 0 for several seconds, the iPhone/iPad do NOT roam. I can even be standing on top of an AP, yet my iPad is connected to the remote AP and sputtering along at 15-30 Mbps without roaming, instead of getting my usual 500-900 Mbps. 

I've tried BSS min rate of both 12 and 24, with no change. 

What can I do with Ruckus One to get the near perfect roaming I had with Unleashed?