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Enabling multicast for a Sonos environment

New Contributor II
I am having trouble with a ZoneFlex R510 in standalone mode, and integrating Sonos. In a nutshell, I can't get the Sonos hardware to join the 2.4Ghz network. Here is a relevant discussion on the Sonos forums. I spent hours troubleshooting this last weekend. When I put my old WAP in place everything worked fine. Re-introduce the Ruckus equipment and it falls apart again. It sounds like I need to try enabling multicast traffic?

Is this an option in the Web GUI or a CLI only thing? I started looking into this last night and did not find any clear steps. The AP is running v200. software.

for this command - rkscli: set qos eth0 classification disable 
try running
no qos classification 

New Contributor III

You didn’t say it was unleashed. That is a controller so you won’t have those commands. What version unleashed? Also change the unleashed to a regular stand alone AP software and run those commands and it should work. Sonos doesn’t like enterprise networks that is why your other AP works. Hence the very reason you don't' use consumer products in business WLANs You can still get this to work. I will setup my unleashed and see what I can do. Stand by....  Also you may have to reset your wifi on the Sonos itself. I honesty think these things are garbage but I listen to them too LOL  🙂

New Contributor II
I am currently running of Unleashed. Seems silly to have to "downgrade" it to standalone mode. Is there no equivalent command or setting in Unleashed? I'd really like to figure this out, just in case I ever run into this situation again at a client site. I'm happy to switch to the ZoneFlex standalone mode for home, but in the enterprise that may not be an option.


For the cost the Sonos stuff sounds OK, and the UI is pretty damn good. I like the PlayBar a lot.

My other AP is also an Enterprise-oriented solution. But I hear what you're saying. This system just seems especially persnickety.

New Contributor III
HI Eric

You may not be able to use this in a business I haven't looked lately at the unleashed however you can try this

if it is available

Radio Resource Management:Enable 802.11k Neighbor-list Report  (enable this)

and set this to this 

Directed MC/BC Threshold:  set this to 0

(0-128)Defines the client count at which an AP will stop converting group addressed data traffic to unicast  

do not allow background scanning and set the 2.4 to channel one only do not use the other 2.4 channels.

I use a ZD1200 and this gives me the availability to set those commands so in a business you may need to go this route

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I just re-flashed the AP so its a ZoneFlex AP. First command was not accepted:

rkscli: set qos directed multicast disabled
usage: set qos...
    set qos heuristics {voice|video} classify
         -- Sets octet count for Heuristic-based classification
    set qos heuristics {voice|video} noclassify
         -- Sets octet count for Heuristic-based no-classification window
    set qos heuristics {voice|video} {ipg|pktlen}
         -- Sets parameters for Heuristic-based classification
    set qos tos classify {voice|video} {|none}
         -- Sets values for TOS-based classification
    set qos tos mark {voice|video}
         -- Sets TOS values for each type of traffic
    set qos dot1p classify {voice|video} {|none}
         -- Sets values for DOT1P-based classification
    set qos dot1p mark {voice|video}
         -- Sets Dot1p values for each type of traffic

The other two commands were accepted. seems like Sonos is able to connect to the WLAN. I may try reverting back to Unleashed and seeing if the settings you outlined above are available.

Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it!