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Enabling Mesh on ZD1100 with 2 R500 AP's

New Contributor II

I have 2 R500 AP's and one ZD1100. I have an issue where one of the AP's is located where I need a direct connection to another network device. Currently, there are 2 ports in this location, one is already using a direct connection and the other one is connected to a switch and running 3 network devices off it, including one AP.

I was just researching the idea of enabling mesh on the ZD1100 and using the network port of the AP to connect to the switch instead, which would free up the other network port to be used as a direct connection.

The second AP is located in an airing cupboard on the first floor. It would be about 50 feet away from the first AP located on the ground floor, there are three walls in between the 2 AP's.

Firstly, would I be able to use the network port of the first AP to connect to a switch and extend the network? I did read it was possible but couldn't find any instructions on how to do that.

Second, what would be the downside of trying to use the mesh option in this way? I know once enabled, it cannot be disabled, from what I have read.