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Ebay R710 cannot connect via SSH or browser. NMAP reveals several ports open after factory reset

New Contributor II
Just received used R710 from ebay auction.  Plugged in to 12v power, factory reset, tried the phone app to try Typical Install, get the "Great you are connected to Unleased factory WiFi...." but when I hit start I get Unleashed  Unable to fetch default configuration from the AP.  So I try connecting via wire to, nothing, not SSH not HTTP or HTTPS.  Nmap reveals:

Discovered open port 53/tcp on
Discovered open port 9999/tcp on
Discovered open port 18301/tcp on
Discovered open port 1883/tcp on
Discovered open port 8099/tcp on

So, is there anyway to fix this?  Can I put Standalone or fresh version of Unleashed on it using the USB port?  Can you upgrade the firmware using the USB?

Thanks in advance for your help,


New Contributor III

I used a  cable similar to this one:

But basically any 3.3V serial to usb cable would work.

Using mincom in linux to connect 115200 8N1

Pinout something similar to:

Image_ images_messages_612fd0af66870648947fc72c_0779ba8a6d3a9156a41392295fc5a0a6_pinout-cbb7c62f-9d69-4c29-9d2d-90e9ea585e1f-283656276.png

(Not my picture, borrowed on internet)

Login with super and sp-admin as password in the console

You need to setup a tftp server. I used my laptop with the same ip range as the AccessPoint, and had a tftp server running locally on it.

Then you can flash by:

fw set host <TFTP server IP address>
fw set proto tftp
fw set port 69
fw set control <image file name>
fw update

image file name is the firmware you want to flash onto the ap, which should be located on your tftp.

@jside Thanks very much, I will give this a shot tomorrow.