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Dynamic PSK with MacOS clients

Can anyone share their experience using the Dynamic PSK feautre with MacOS/OSX clients? Did you encounter any issues? We're planning on deploying this, but want to know of any potential issues before doing so. Of course we're going to test 🙂

New Contributor III
We have DPSK in use with MacOS/osX clients. 
This works well. 

However there is one caveat. 

Due to the nature of icloud sharing Wi-Fi passwords are shared among devices. 

This will cause for problems as an iPad/iPhone will try to connect to the network with the same DPSK password as the MacOs client. Due to the way DPSK works (unique mac + device) the device which connects second will not be able to connect. 

Ruckus is working on a Group DPSK feature (so more than 1 mac will be able to connect with the same pass). This will resolve this issue. 

Thanks for the input, we're facing the same issue with 802.1x. I'll be rolling out a device ACL to address the keychain sharing, then force those devices on to a separate network.

Have you noticed any slowness in the initial SSID connection using DPSK?

Hi, no we haven't noticed any slowness. That seems to be working well.