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Duel Ethernet links on R700

New Contributor

I have a number of R700 access points being centrally controlled by a ZoneDirector 3000.

I have noticed that the AP's has 2 Ethernet ports, one for PoE and other without.

Can I connect both ports up to a switch to get a 2gb connection or would that cause a loop?


Contributor III
no, on the R700 the 2nd Ethernet port is a LAN out switch port for connecting a wired device it is not a LAN uplink port. R710 has 2 uplink ports allowing for LACP but not R700

Do you have the need for 2Gb uplink? what size channels are you using on the AP and what is the use case?

Valued Contributor II
As Robert hinted, it's almost certainly not with your time to try to aggregate the two gigabit ports, because it is very very unlikely that an R700 (or even an R710 for that matter) running at full capacity could saturate gigabit ethernet. There's a great Ruckus writeup on this subject here:

It may be worth starting to sweat this once you've truly got 4 spatial streams everywhere, or 160MHz channels in sparse deployments... but not now.