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Does Ruckus H320 or R320 or R510 (or other Ruckus APs) support MRC

New Contributor

Hello, friends! Help pls.

Does Ruckus R320 or R510 (or other Ruckus APs) support  MRC (maximum ratio combining) ?
Does it same lite PD-MRC or not?

Or this MRC is standart of 802.11n and all APs support it by defualt?

Thank you.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Vladimir,


All Ruckus APs has Polarization Diversity Multi Ratio Combining. This MCR is not an specific feature but a set of them (some are proprietary some are part of the 802.11 standard) that at the end combines the signals from UEs to get the best performance.


Ruckus has many patents on this.

Note: On our outdoor APs, if you use 3rd party external antenna, PD-MRC may not work.



Syamantak Omer


Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI