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Do you use an electrical box for APs mounted on sheet rock ceilings?

New Contributor III
This will sound silly, but I'm curious what everyone else does.

I have several R610's I need to mount on sheet rock ceilings in new construction. I am going to use the multipurpose mounting bracket 902-0120-0000 to mount the APs to the ceiling.

The electrician will run cat6 to the ceiling location, but I assume I don't want him to terminate in a gang box? It seems simpler if the cable just "pokes" through the sheet rock.

I am curious what others do and if there's a standardized procedure for how to handle the cable mounting to a sheet rock ceiling.


6A is difficult to work with. Based on the above, I would terminate it in the ceiling with a cat6a jack behind a mud ring and then use a small-diameter 6a patch cable to attach to the AP ( 

so in this scenario do you even put a faceplate on the mud ring? (even a blank faceplate? but then how get patch cable through mud ring)  or do you put a 1x keystone faceplate and push the short cat5 patch cable trough the 1x keystone (but with no keystone in the faceplate, ofcouse).