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Do I need any sort of subscription if I purchase a used ZD1100 for home use?

New Contributor
I just found out that I may have access to some gently used R700 AP's in the future. 
At home, I'm currently running a couple of OpenMesh AP's with their free lifetime cloud-based management console.  I wanted to add a third AP, but OpenMesh was purchased by Datto and now you have to purchase a monthly subscription package with their AP's.  I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.  This is for home use, after all.
So if I have a few R700's and find a used ZD1100 with a 6 AP license on it, can I run it "as-is" or will I need any sort of monthly plan in order to use it?
Sorry for the newbie question, the possibility of the R700's kind of fell in my lap and I'm just trying to figure out if this is in any way a legitimate possibility for me.

Yes, is the last code that did not require an entitlement (support contract) to upgrade further.

Contributor III
Cool, enjoy the r700’s they will be far better than your open mesh aps.