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Disable Wireless Network - Radiation?

Contributor III

because on of my APs is located in the bedroom i want to schedule Wireless Network Broadcast with Unleashed GUI to turn off all Wireless Networks at night.

If i schedule all Networks to be disabled at night, will the Antennas be off with no Wireless Radiation?

Thanks and KR

Valued Contributor
Cannot give you a definitive but have done a little testing and I'm confident that on an R500 that is correct. Scheduler turns the radios off.

R500 scheduled on and scheduled off power draw over POE.
Bear in mind no clients connecting to this AP
Spec sheet suggest 4W idle power on POE and I'm only seeing about 3W.
Also I cannot vouch for how good a Netgear GS752TP switch is as a Volt/Ammeter!

WLAN scheduled on

Image_ images_messages_5f91c434135b77e2479b7af6_01d6926baa5a3d403d809568803ed211_RackMultipart20171130708321izd-c210f3d6-e2bb-4929-a48b-26f353edb759-1964552121.jpg1512043989

WLAn scheduled off

Image_ images_messages_5f91c434135b77e2479b7af6_fe0ef6dfe80805b9a242f125d0f12a5d_RackMultipart201711301256054y5-4a42808e-fd87-4aca-9c04-83eabe614c81-1516776187.jpg1512044016

That slight drop in voltage was reproducible suggesting the WLAN schedule timer was kicking in and disabling something.

Notes: testing AP R500 in in my office.
The LEDs on the AP turn off when 2.4 and 5GHz are scheduled off - a minor visual clue.
They take about 10s to change state when Radios re-enabled.
A laptop nearby also confirms that the TEST wlan I'm using disappears and reappears depending on scheduler settings.

Power draw is very low and not all of that is broadcast as radio wave energy. The transformer and electronics are using some just to work.
I wouldn't worry if it was in my bedroom and scheduled off in the evening. I can probably stop using that tinfoil hat now, excellent.

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Confirmed that the radios are disabled when the schedule is set.

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New Contributor III
This does not help that much, but for what it is worth, the radiation is too small to do harm to humans. You need it to be at a level where body temperatures rise to generate chemical reactions, like when a person has a fever. A human body disipiates about 100W naturally. Even with a 2W output being entirely absorbed by a person’s body, the additional heat would be diassipated easily. The FCC would not approve these devices if there were any risk.

If you were to climb up on an active radio broadcast tower, you would likely have your insides cooked and die a fairly horrible death. In fact, thieves who climbed up on such towers to try to steal copper have died from it, but there is nothing to worry about with WiFi at legal power output levels.