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Deployment sizes?

Does anyone have a deployment of over 100 AP's here or around 2000 clients?

I have a ticket that's been open for almost 6 months now around a memory leak in the Zonedirector code that is moving along very slowly. After all this time Ruckus support have worked out only which component has the memory leak. It seems to be related to client connections and the more there are the faster it becomes obvious. I actually suspect every single install sees this leak but until you get to a decent number of connections it's so small as to be non-obvious. 

It first became apparent to us when we got about 100 - 125 R600's deployed and had somewhere over 2000 clients. We've continued to grow the deployment and now have 200 AP's deployed and about 4000 concurrent clients all day and we can exhaust the memory of our ZD3000 in about a week.

Our install doesn't appear to be anything special, we publish a couple of EAP protected SSID's and a single PSK one. The only reason I can think of that this isn't affecting all large customers is that there really aren't that many with that much load.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has a deployment of this size (or larger)

Contributor III
I have over 100 APs on a ZD3000.
(probably less than 125)
Total employee count here is 1100 plus there are sometimes 500 visitors.

I don't ever look at my ZD CPU or memory utilization but I have no reason to suspect they're high.
The ZD here is basically just funneling log messages to a syslog server.
I'm not sure what would tax the CPU or memory.

Just for the record the problem is 802.11r FT Roaming.

Enabled and you lose a small amount of memory with every connection (or maybe roam). Disabled and memory consumption stays static

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Hmm, well that sucks. FT roaming helps a lot for multi-AP sites.

Very much so, I'm assuming engineering are working on a fix and I might see a new build of 9.12 to test. We really like FT and some of our VoIP phones are quite as useful as they were but at this point I'm just happy it's been identified

I suggest you raise a ticket and send Ruckus the debug logs from the ZD.

Q: Can you cross reference your memory util  peak with number of clients peak values on the real time monitoring page on the UI?