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Deploying APs over high latency (>100ms) links

New Contributor II
After a successful and well received deployment of Ruckus (ZD1100 and 7372s) in our headquarter office, we are considering deploying APs across our worldwide office locations. Ideally management would be through the existing ZD in our US-FL office. Several offices are in the EMEA (Europe) region and one in APAC with average latency of 120-160ms to the EMEA offices and upwards of 200ms to the APAC office. All sites are connected via layer 3 VPN tunnels with sufficient throughput. Each site has local firewall/gateway to the internet (APs will have local internet access).

I've seen several references that <100ms is recommended, but have also seen accounts where successful deployment occurred over much higher latency.  Does anyone have experience deploying over high(ish) latency links and what advice would you give in this scenario?

New Contributor II
Max, Thanks that makes sense. We may end up going the vSZ route (depending on cost). Going to have a chat with our vendor's Ruckus specialist in the near future to discuss options. Just need to educate myself a bit more before the call.

Contributor II

Thanks Max.  That is correct.  Also, ZD uses LWAPP for transport which is heavier in overhead than SSH for the purpose of managing the APs. 

But, mainly the problems with managing different regulations, it may even be problematic and potentially illegal to run US standards in the other areas where they may run under a different admin body for RF regulations.  The vSZ will get rid off all that for you.