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Dell SonicWALL

New Contributor II
Hello Guys
I've got a question. We're using a Dell SonicWALL at the moment with the SonicWALL AP's.
Now we need new AP's and I don't know if the Ruckus AP's are compatible with the Dell SonicWall (just over VLAN's) or if we have to buy a ZoneDirector. At the moment we have 5 AP's but I think the reach of the Ruckus AP's is much better so we will not need that many AP's anymore.
Thank you for your efforts in advance.
Best regards

Esteemed Contributor II
The SonicWall is your network Firewall, protecting your internal LAN.
Yes, you can use Ruckus APs on your internal LAN for client access.


Assuming you use the SonicWALL to manage your network security, you might want to evaluate Ruckus’ latest Unleashed offering, which has a built-in and slimmed down controller for up to 25 APs.  VLANs will be a non-issue.

I looked on Unleashed, my question now, if I have already diffrent WIFI zones managed over my Firewall, can it handle those? (like domain or guest)

New Contributor II
Thanks for the fast reply.
Does the Unleashed controller only supports 1 location or is it no problem to manage several networks for example over a Leased Line?