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Coverage from a 7782 and mesh with 7363?

We have a market with a couple owner's houses close by. We use 7363's in the market and warehouse, and I've been experimenting with a 7363 in each house so the owners can use the market's internet connection, meshing the 7363 in each house off the cabled 7363's in the market. Distance from the cabled 7363 to a meshed 7363 ranges from 100-200 feet. So far it hasn't worked well at all, I am guessing because the 5 gig radios simply don't support that range.

I'm thinking now of putting one 7782 with external antennas up in the attic of the market, which is three stories high and has only a wooden shingled roof, with the idea being that all three houses can mesh off this 7782.

I'm not at all familiar with the 7782. Is a 200 or 300 feet radius a reasonable use for a 7782? Can the 7782 receive data from the 7363 at that distance (like a cell phone tower listening to small cell phones)?