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Correct Settings To Upgrade R500 Hotzone Wireless AP

New Contributor
I have a R500 that was purchased several years ago and it has recently been having issues and producing error messages that appear at the same time that our wireless connectivity is reduced or completely lost.

The device is currently running software version and I would like to at least attempt an update if possible. The issue is that the settings under "Upgrade" do not allow a connection to be established with the control file.

Firmware Server:
Port: 69
Image Control File r500_10000_cntrl.rcks
Result - [Control File] timeout after 1 retries

Result - [Control File] may be bad

Local File
Downloaded the Single AP ( file and attempted to use it.
Result - bad firmware header magic

This is a personal AP and I currently do not have a support contract directly with Ruckus. I am not even sure if it's possible to have support for a single AP?

In any case, is there anybody who might be able to provide me with some assistance as to what the accurate settings should be to have the AP be able to auto-upgrade - or at least upgrade to something more recent?

I also included some error messages below in case those help.

Thanks in advance.


Current Log Messages

#1st Log Error#
Mar 3 12:44:30 WAP daemon.err wsgclient[527]: registration:594 Failed to init socket! ret:6 url: 
Mar 3 12:44:35 WAP daemon.err wsgclient[527]: communicatorInit:329 Call 'getWSGServerUrl()' failed, ret:6/url not found

#2nd Log Error#
Mar 3 12:56:16 WAP user.debug kernel: [bridge forward] packet size(1508) exceed dev(eth0) mtu(1500)... drop it...

#3rd Log Error#
Mar 3 12:44:40 WAP hostapd: wlan0: DRIVER madwifi_del_key: Failed to delete key (addr 18:b4:30:6c:ad:61 key_idx 0)
Mar 3 12:44:40 WAP daemon.warn Eved: STA-DISASSOC-REASON [ieee80211_recv_mgmt(),7543,recv disassociate (reason 8)] 18:b4:30:6c:ad:61 rx_rssi=56,ack_rssi=0,reason=8,freq=2432,chan=5,rx pkt,byte;tx pkt,byte=(315,77443,368,110953)
Mar 3 12:44:40 WAP hostapd: wlan0: DRIVER madwifi_del_key: Failed to delete key (addr 18:b4:30:6c:ad:61 key_idx 0)
Mar 3 12:44:40 WAP hostapd: wlan0: DRIVER madwifi_set_sta_authorized: Failed to unauthorize STA 18:b4:30:6c:ad:61 
Mar 3 12:44:40 WAP hostapd: wlan0: DRIVER madwifi_set_sta_authstats: Failed to unauthorize STA authstats18:b4:30:6c:ad:61

Hi Craig,

You are running the latest standalone firmware available on Ruckus Support Portal. You don't have to have support contract in order to be able to download firmwares. Check it out here:

From there, I would recommend upgrading your WAP to Unleashed (standalone wireless controller that runs on a WAP, no separate controller needed). It's completely free. The advantage would be to bring controller-like features into your Wireless Network. In my experience it works great with R500s. I'm running 2 at my house with Unleashed and it works like a charm.

Here is the link to the firmware with Unleashed inside of it:

As of your errors:

Error 1: This is a feature that is on by default. Read this:

Error 2: This has to do with jumbo frames on your Ethernet port. Read this:

Error 3: Unfortunately, there is not enough data to tell why this error occurs. The log only shows that the error is there, but not what caused it. The simplest answer would be channel interference. Try changing your channel statically to something else. Looks like this is a Nest Thermostat, Figure out what frequency it uses and try measuring it with your phone to see if you have enough signal near the device. iPhones can use Airport Utility (enable it in settings after install), Android phones Wi-Fi Scanner app.If the signal is in fact low, try bringing WAP closer to the device or at least bring it above any obstruction that would cause signal degradation. In other words the closet to ceiling it is - the better. 

Here is a similar issue:

Hope this helps.


New Contributor

My apologies for the delay in replying to what was a very much appreciated and well detailed response. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to respond to my question(s). Your insight was very helpful and the links that you provided were informative and I am now using the Unleashed version of the software.

I miss having separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 but I think I can live with it for the increased stability that seems to be the result of the firmware update.

Thanks again!