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Converting h500 to unleashed?

New Contributor
Is it possible to make the h500 unleashed?

We currently use ruckus r500s throughout our school and need to extend into an office where cabling is an issue..

I bought a h500 with the plan of joining it to a mesh network and using the LAN ports as needed (printer /desktop)

From what I have read I need an unleashed version of the firmware.

Will the h510 firmware go onto the h500. I have seen that both aps are on the latest firmware list. If so will it work? Or shall I return it for a 510?

Any work around would be appreciated?


New Contributor III

nat_nat: Sounds like your saying a H510 and be added to the existing H500s and it's support of mesh will allow it to control the H500s over the 5Gz channels to do rapid handoff as the teachers and students migrate around the school and offices. Is the Ieee-802.11r and newer std involved?

Piet Delaney

Valued Contributor

Hi Piet,

H500 and H510 can co-exist on a ZoneDirector (ZD) or SmartZone (ZD) controlled network. But not with Unleashed (which is what the OP is using) because H500 doesn't support Unleashed.

ZD and SZ controllers allow the APs to be meshed together using the 5GHz frequency.  Once a mesh is established between the APs, the controller has visibility of the AP and configuration changes and monitoring are established.

Ruckus APs support 802.11r as well as our proprietary 'SmartRoam' for enhanced roaming across APs.


New Contributor III

What do the Zone Directors do to enhance 802.11r?

Lots of Roaming commands available in the r700 command line.

Mostly just want my Android Cell phone to handle roaming switching between R700 APs.

Wonder if using a ZoneDirector or SmartZone controller is overkill and unnecessary complexity and cost. Most of the controller features are stuff I don't need. I'm also worried if the R700 could be loaded with firmware that could brick the r700 like Ubuqiiti does to their customers. Hopefully Ruckus in nicer to their users.


I've been trying some of the R700 roaming commands. Unfortunately, it seems to be 

underdocumented from what I've found and read up to know. I've been doing programming on UNIX and Linux since 1980. My perspective might appear a bit quirky.

Piet Delaney

New Contributor III

I picked up a used Zone Director 3000 and it's downloaded the R700's with

non-standalone firmware. The roaming, and perhaps range, have improved.

Today I enabled Mesh support. I think it recall this removes the 802.11X support

so an AP can control devices in supplicant mode. I was considering using this for

outdoor, as the Ruckus Outdoor APs are still not down to hobbyist price levels.

I now realize my fear of going back to the stand alone firmware isn't accomplished

with a nice old hardware reset. Seems I will/wouid need to download the firmware

and install it. That might be difficult if my Zone Director isn't available. The R500

web interface isn't enabled by default. Looking at it...


Piet Delaney