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Convert R500 Unleashed to ZD managed?

I could find some posts about this but most were 2+ years old. I wanted to check what current guidance on this is? I have two R500 Unleashed that I was using at remote site. I now want to bring them into main site under my ZD1200 to be normal managed AP. Do I still manually upgrade firmware? If so which one? Or can my 9.13 ZD1200 adopt them somehow? Thanks.

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you can still follow the old guidances. ZD will up-/downgrade the AP Firmware.

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So first you need to download the 104.x.x.x software from the support portal so you have a version then that can connect to the ZD and SZ/SCG/vSZ
Factory reset the unleashed AP and in the first screen you can select to upgrade the AP, use this to flash the 104.x.x.x code on the AP.
After that the AP will reboot. login to the webgui and set the controller IP, or use DHCP option 43 or via CLI set director x.x.x.x
Then the AP will be connecting to the ZD and will join it and get the ZD software.


this is no longer accurate on unleashed v 206.x  (and KB articles are incorrect as well).   There is no upgrade button in the newer unleashed setup steps.  Im trying to figure out how to flash unleashed 206 back to Standalone.  and will update this post if/once i do. 

EDIT:  looks like the newer process is to NOT factory reset your unleashed master (or if you do, then do a quick temp setup/config).  As you need to access (in unleashed) Administer -> update,  then you can upload a standalone FW to your master AP.
(im not sure how to roll member APs back to standalone or ZD FW as in this one case i was just testing out unleashed on a single r720)

Once upgraded to 104.x you have to manually set director IP? My other AP just find it when I plug them into network? Just checking.