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Considering moving from Unifi to Ruckus

New Contributor

Hi Folks

Currently I live in a fairly large (but not huge) 4 bedroom semi detached house and have a Unifi system.

I have the following:

USG router

6 x AP-Pro access points

A Unifi switch but also some TP link switches.

Mostly rack mounted in the garage.

Usually have around 50 clients connected at any one time  - mix of wifi/hardwire.

USG is starting to be pretty old tech now and increasingly I'm seeing some issues.  Ubiquiti tech support is hopeless esp if you are a networking novice.

I got the impression that 6 AP's is probably a little OTT (I did not install them all, a company did as part of a renovation 2 years ago) - and that Ruckus would be able to provide similar/better coverage with far fewer.

What I really want to do is move to a high performing, rock solid system - and that is why I found my way here based on what I've been reading.

What Ruckus HW do you think I should be considering to replace the above system?

Many thanks for any guidance!