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Connection switch to another AP code 18 29 1

New Contributor

We have a U shaped building floor where in each side we have 1 R320 unleashed.

So 1 left, 1 bottom and 1 right in the U.

We notice that at some points the WiFI gets instable, this morning I did a trace on a client and notice that the device working in the upper right of the U gets disconnected from AP1 which had an excellent connection on 5Ghz and the clients start connecting to AP2 in the bottom of the U which get a poor connection.

In the trace log I get from AP1
Reason: (code 18)Timeout expired
Reason: (code 29)Dropped auth frame which filtered by TCM
Reason: (code 1)Unspecified

After rebooting AP1 everythings works again.

We are on version Version
Around 12 devices connected. (5 laptops, some phones a tablet and a chromecast)

We already have splitted band SIDs.
Fixed channels and limitted power to reduce overlap on the 5Ghz band.
AP1 Channel 52 -3dB, for 2.4Ghz channel 2
AP2 Channel 56 -5dB, for 2.4Ghz channel 6
AP3 Channel 60 -3dB, for 2.4Ghz channel 11

SmartRoam is enabled through CLI

wlan32: Roam Factor (scale=1-10): 4


Any help will be appreciated


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Bob,

Was there any site survey done before installing the APs on their current physical locations?

Also, enable BSS min-rate to 12Mbps and see if that improves the connection.

Do you know if issue is only seen on 2.4G or 5G or both? Try disabling 2.4G band completely (for testing) and see if problem continues or not.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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