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Client Roaming

New Contributor

I'm having a problem with the client moving from one AP to the farthest AP, can it be minimized by using the AP group, so that the client keeps moving (priority) in the same group


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Fauji

Yes, creating a AP group will limit the roaming of client within that group. 

May I know if you using Unleashed/SZ managed/ZD managed/ Cloud managed AP network?


Vasanth Edward

New Contributor

hi edward,

im using vSZ, thanks

RUCKUS Team Member

@Fauji The client will keep moving between the APs in the same AP group, provided the client device does not have SSIDs configured from the other AP group.

However, you still need to check the Roaming settings on the SSID and Roam Factor which should help the client to connect to the nearby AP and not to the farthest AP.
Below are some of the settings:
1. Enable Fast Roaming in the SSID.
2. Set the roam factor accordingly so that when client moves away from the current connected AP the RSSI reduces and it will connect to another AP. I would also suggest not to set the value too aggressively but start with a lower side. (Try 5)