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Chromebooks not connecting and/or losing connection

New Contributor II
We have had our Ruckus network set up for almost two years without any problems. Over the last six months I am getting increasing complaints about Chromebooks not being able to connect or losing connectivity randomly.

Tech support keeps telling me the clients are switching between 2.4ghz & 5ghz quickly which is causing the problem. They are saying the issue is "Reason 3" meaning the client is moving between APs or too far from an AP.

These clients are sitting at their desks where they have always had reliable connectivity. They will be working without a problem and suddenly drop connectivity for hours at a time. Then, for no apparent reason, connectivity will return. When they lose connectivity, their computer will still show 2 or 3 bars (with a 40% or higher signal strength.)

I am getting nowhere with tech support. The problem is beginning to affect more of my users. It happens with more than one AP.

We are in the middle to transitioning the majority of our staff to Chromebooks so I need this fix.

I have upgraded to the most recent firmware.

Anyone have any ideas!?!

New Contributor II
The only other hint I have to offer is that, in the ZD UI, whenever a client loses connectivity, the "Estimate Capacity" graph under the Performance section for that AP drops to ZERO even though clients using Macs are still connecting without problem. I don't know if this is cause or effect but there is definitely a correlation.

I also have this issue. It's only Chromebooks.  Seems that it began a few months ago.  Seems to be happening in a particular wing. During testing 60 chromebooks will connect just fine.  Then about 30 minutes later 10-15 of them will disconnect.  The quick solution is to power cycle them.  Occasionally I have seen the wifi give a message reconnecting, several times. If you have any updates to solutions please post.  

New Contributor
I am having the same issue, Chromebooks and tablets dropping the connection, also some MAC computers.

A tip on this would be really appreciated.

Contributor III
Ok what fault finding tasks have you tried? a few questions for example; do all the Chromebooks have the same Wireless NIC? same model? Do other devices have the same issue? Do the Chromebooks have automatic updates enabled? What authentication is used on the WLAN? Have you tired reducing the WLAN to a single band (as you mention they are moving between bands)?