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Checking Download Speed between R7363 and R710 with controller 1200

New Contributor
Can you explain what is the exact differences between R736 and R710. What will be exact throughput of R710 if we compare with R7363.   

Esteemed Contributor II
Does it matter that the ZoneFlex 7363 2x2:2 mid-level 802.11b/g/n AP has been End of Sale since November 30, 2014?
It has a maximum throughput of about 300mbps using 40MHz channelization and 64-QAM on two spacial streams.

The R710 is our 4x4:4 802.11ac Wave2 top performance AP, with 80MHz channelization and 3 spacial streams, can
theoretically provide up to 1.2gbps.

If you have both model APs, you need to run at least version 9.12.x on your ZD1200.

Valued Contributor II
In addition to what Michael said, the R710 has a few generations newer radio chipsets / antenna designs, resulting in better sensitivity which translates to more range / higher throughput at a given range. I've noticed much better throughput even with legacy clients when I replaced an R700 with a R710, so it should be even more dramatic when comparing with a 7363