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Changing IP/Subnet of a SmartZone cluster and APs

New Contributor II
I am cutting over a network at 1000 room resort and we have 2 SmartZone 100s in a cluster with 550 H500s connected. We needed to change the VLAN/IP/Subnet for the APs and the SZ. I changed the IP addresses on the APs without an issue through the SZ CLI, changed the IP addresses of the SZs, and changed the VLANs on the switch ports.

Couple Issues:
1. I am able to log into each of the SZs on their new IP addresses but they are not seeing each other and are showing an error on the top of the screen "plane out of service".

2. I am also able to connect to the APs on their new IP addresses but they are not seeing either of the SZs.

3. When I connect to the APs they are not recognizing the configured Username/Password on the SZ nor the default Username/Password.

Good news is that guests are still able to connect and get out to the network so their are not any complaints. We just have no way of managing the system.

This is a simple process on the ZoneDirector that I have done many times. I am not sure what the problem is or what to check next.

New Contributor III
Protected ports on the switches maybe?

New Contributor II
No, Switches have basic configs on them currently. Couple VLANs and a MGMT IP. Ports are configured properly on the MGMT VLAN as I can ping all APs. They just aren't connecting to the controller since the IPs were changed.

New Contributor III
The APs will not connect to either SZ until the "Plane out of Service" message is resolved. Depending on the size of the database in the SZ, it can take some time for new settings to replicate across the control plane. If the condition persists, I suggest you open a tech support ticket. 

New Contributor II
Thanks Albert,

So how do I know if the new settings are being replicated across the control plane? The configuration changes were done almost 5 hours ago and the cluster information in both SZs show the old IP address for the opposite SZ. Seems like there isn't any communication between them.

I tried going into the CLI and changing the old ip: new ip of the clusters but it says the old ip doesn't match. Hoping that is good news but the web interface still shows the old IP.

Frustrating based on experience with ZD and how easy this process is to do on it.

I have a ticket open with support but wanted to see if anyone on here has had this experience and to make the information available in the event that someone does in the future.