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Can we use R510 and ZF7372 together?

New Contributor

'lo, all. I'm new to Ruckus devices, so kindly forgive my ignorant questions.

Our office has two active R510 APs running, with one as master. We also have two ZF7372 ( that are not in use. Can they all work together or must we buy new APs in place of the ZFs?

Thanks for your advice.


Contributor II

There's a page which lets you enter your APs to see whether there's an Unleashed/ZoneDirector release which will support them all:

You can see that the only way to get these running together is to buy a ZoneDirector controller and run very old firmware. This would also involve reinstalling the AP firmwares and re-setting up your network. So definitely not worth doing.

You can buy new R550 APs and they'll work just fine with your Unleashed R510s; or used R510s are available on eBay for <$30 (but you'll get no warranty or support from Ruckus).

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