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Can't use web interface after upgrading to Ruckus Unleashed

New Contributor III
I upgrade my unleashed network to newest  Ruckus Unleashed firmware
networks works and upgrade was successful
unfortunately i cant open unleashed dashboard after upgrade. unleashed app works, but with delays. I cant see for example mesh topology in app.
I already tried in Chrome, New Edge and old internet explorer
I can open login page, enter login and password, and nothing happend then...

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Anton,

   Have you assigned a single Management IP for the Unleashed network, if so you should be able to reach
the dashboard with that IP address.  Else be sure you're wirelessly connected to an Unleashed SSID or on
the same LAN and try https:\\  Does that help?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Anton,

Also, you might need to login to the AP CLI and check the "Master's" IP address with the command "get director", this will ensure that you are accessing the correct IP address on the GUI.