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Ruckus 7982 gives SSL error and cannot access its setup via

New Contributor

Hi. I purchased a 2nd hand Ruckus 7982 hoping to use it as a standalone AP at home. I cannot access its setup via IP address and it gives the error below. It only lights up the green PWR Led. Any advice for me please? Thank you. uses an unsupported protocol.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @seelansgovender 
The error "ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH" when the AP is running on older version and you are using new browser version to access it.

The older AP version uses TLS 1.0, which does not supported by latest browsers.
To resolve the issue, you either need to upgrade the AP to latest version through CLI process.
Or use the older browser version to access the AP.

You can try downloading a Firefox older version Firefox version 44 which should allow you to access the AP.


Thanks Sanjay. It worked out!