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Can't acquire IP address from DHCP server, but can ping server.

New Contributor
Hello All.

I have a Zone Director 1100 connected to 10 AP's (R700).

9 are in 1 building (main site with all the servers and ZD), the other 10th one is in a 2nd building near by (just a couple switches there).

Two separate SSID's here (9 on one, 1 on the other). Two separate subnets. But want to control them all from one ZD.

I was able to get the ZD and the 10th AP, which is on a different subnet, talking and connected.

I can ping my DHCP server from the AP.

I can't however acquire an IP address when connecting to the WiFi network of the 10th AP.

I just get the ol' 169.x.x.x.

There are several different VLANs as well, but I thought I did the tagging/untagging correctly since I was able to get the AP and ZD talking.

I'm not a network engineer...but am fairly handy.

Anyway someone could point me in the right direction?


Valued Contributor II
Hello Hi Ho,

Reading your problem looks like a potential switch misconfiguration and you can confirm this with following tests:

1. Disconnect the AP and connect your laptop to the switch port to which AP was connected. Do you get IP? If yes, Is it IP from correct subnet for the VLAN that port is configured?
2. If you don't get IP, then configure that switch port as an access port for just THAT vlan from where you want the WiFi users to get the IP?
3. If you still don't get an IP from correct VLAN then flash or reset that switch port and reconfigure it to see if corrects it.

In the interim while you are doing the above and if there is dedicated DHCP server then please check if server is receiving the bootp/dhcp packets from your laptop while you trying to fix the problem. This will confirm if issue is with server not get bootp/dhcp BC packet from laptop at all or laptop not getting an response after it being sent by DHCP server.

It would be interesting to see what you end up with.

Hope this helps.

Contributor II
Is the wlan on the 10th AP configured with a vlan id other than 1?

If so, is the switch port configured to allow that tagged vlan?

What is the switch port that the AP is connected to configured as?
If Access what VLAN ID is it?
If Trunk what's the native vlan and what other (tagged) vlan are allowed?

New Contributor
Thank you both your helpful responses.

I was able to figure out the problem.

I had the VLAD ID wrong, I assumed it was something it wasn't, which I realized after checking the VLAN names in the switch config.

Thanks for your help again. Able to talk with ZD and acquire IP's now.