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Can't access default AP on R510

New Contributor

I'm having a problem setting up my r510, can you help me what is the root cause. I plugged it directly to my computer and I can't go through default AP which and when you open the Wi-fi the is showing up but encrypted, already tried the S/N as a  password but didn't work. and reset the ruckus many times. It doesn't also show up on my IP scanner. please help me fix this issue. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @mimi-jb 

I would recommend you to connect the AP to a switch/router that can offer DHCP. Access the APs web UI using the IP address and let me know if you see a Unleashed login page or Standalone AP login page. It would say "Unleashed" or "Ruckus Wireless admin" above the username box so you can tell the difference. Try the default login (super/sp-admin) and let us know if it works.


Hi @Phiravin sorry I'm a newbie using this. I'm using DHCP connection and no unleashed login page or standalone AP login page. How can I see the IP of the Ruckus. It doesn't show up on my scanners / leased IP's

Hi Mimi,

Look at the AP's power LED. If it is flashing green then it means AP did not get the IP from your local network. If it is stable green then it has a valid IP from the local network.

IP scanner will help you if AP has an IP from DHCP connection so it is important to check if AP has an IP or not.

Syamantak Omer
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Hi Syamantakomer,

The PWR and DIR are green then Air / 2.5G / 5G are off