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Can anyone tell me how to setup my system to get the fastest speeds on iPhones?

New Contributor II
Trying to learn how to set up my system to maximize the 1000/1000 speeds I now get from my cable provider. My iPhone only seems to get 125-160. 

I have a Zone Director 112 and 8 AP's (4-zf 7372 & 4-zf 7363) 

Thank you

Contributor III
Hey Frank,

As you have not mentioned me which iPhone you are using let me take all the available options.

let's calculate the maximum speed that a iPhone can achieve under idle conditions (Heaven).

Let's assume that your iPhone has 2x2 802.11ac

On 5Ghz 40Mhz 400 Meg
80Mhz 800 Meg
160Mhz 1.7 G

On 2.4Ghz 20Mhz 144 Meg ( 802.11n)
40Mhz 300 Meg

Taking your LAN speed, even 160Mhz bandwidth set on Ruckus you can't get that speed so let's strike that.

Now, let's see what's the Max that you can get on your phone with ZF7363 & ZF7372 (Darlings of Ruckus) as they are not 802.11ac so the Max that you can achieve is 300 Meg may be if my calculations are wrong 400 Meg is the Max that an iPhone can get with these gear.

In non ideal conditions, let's say when more users are connected to the AP with interference and switch that's connected taking all these conditions my prediction is 150-200 Max you can achieve with this set up, may be more if you are closer to AP.

Yes, the speed that you are getting is the best trust me you are doing fine than lot other Gear in market, I did the same thing to a customer to win Ruckus over other vendor ( other vendor claming best of best with all those fancy terms they got AI and Latest Asci ) he was shocked many think Best tech Gear costs Big bucks, but that's not the case it's not the Dog that matters it's the fight that the dog puts in matters.

Not to disappoint you, just check the basics run MetaGeeks' Inssider (trial) will do find the best channel that it suggestsu on APs manually and play with channelization check the speeds and when you are satisfied stop tuning more.

Hope it helps!!!


Valued Contributor II
Getting around 200mbps on 802.11n is pretty close to the maximum you can pull out of that older protocol. 

The things that you can do to get faster throughput would unfortunately be:
 (1) Get a faster 802.11ac or ax access point. The R710 is ideal, but the R510/R610 are also great. The R500/600 are not as fast but still good options.
 (2) Use the widest channels that you can. 80MHz on .ac and 40MHz on .n. Every time you double the channel width you almost double the  max throughput -- for smartphones which are 2x2 clients, that's the most important factor in increasing their throughput. (In a home environment you rarely have to worry about overlapping channels due to 80MHz channel usage. In fact IMO a lot of medium density networks are purposely crippling their smartphone throughputs by blindly following a high-density configuration guide and using 20 or 40MHz channels without needing to)

New Contributor II
WOW, thank you both for getting back to me so quickly. A lot of what you said makes sense to me but I am not sure how to pick a wide channel or make those changes to my system. If I were to replace my AP's with the model suggested, do I have to also change my zone director? I wish I could fine someone local that I could get to help me with this. Maybe there is a local ruckus person in my area. 

20mhz vs 40mhz