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Can an R720 run at full power by decreasing antennas on PoE+, and what is the range difference between PoE+ and PoH?

New Contributor II
I'm looking at the spec sheets for the R720 and it states that on PoE the 2.4Ghz radio is in 1x4 mode at 18dbm per chain, at PoE+ it is in 4x4 mode at 18dbm per chain, and at PoH is in 4x4 at 23dbm per chain.  I have a PoE+ switch, and range is much more important than throughput here (warehouse with low bandwidth handheld scanners).  My question is, is it possible to put the radio down in 1x4 mode and increase the strength to 23dbm on PoE+?  It's like the PoE+ mode listed in the spec sheet is geared toward capacity rather than range. 

Esteemed Contributor II
The 2.4g and 5g radios are totally independant, and you cannot increase your 5g EIGRP output past FCC regulations (or similar in other countries).

Valued Contributor
Hi B4BTech,

What controller/firmware platform are you using? E.g. Standalone/Unleashed/SZ/ZoneDirector.

Also what regulatory region are you located in as most geos outside of the US limit 2.4GHz to a max of 20dBm EIRP. So even at 18dBm TX power, the R720 will be able to meet the 20dB EIRP limit when factoring internal antenna gain.