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what outdoor AP models that can established mesh more than 500m?

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Depends what data rates you need. The 7731 bridge is the only way to do this effectively for high throughput. The 7761 can mesh - use the sector model - 7761S. Depending on how noisy the 2,4GHz environment is you may wish to consider a move to 5GHz - If you do I'd suggest looking at the appropriate antenna for that. 

None of the 802.11ac products can mesh yet - which means the T300 is out at the moment even though it has 2.4GHz radios in it. (2.4GHz giving longer range than 5.0GHz and ac being only a 5GHz technology). 

I believe the next revision of firmware will enable meshing which is overdue. 

Good Luck.

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Meshing on 802.11ac is now available -- firmware 9.10 was posted on Monday!

I'm not sure, though, whether meshing at 500m is realistic for T300/301 though.

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I wrote an article on meshing far apart APs, but it wasn't published external.

Our default mesh distance for ZoneFlex outdoor APs is 600 meters.

APs must both see each other with an RSSI of >= 25 on their wifi1 (5G) radios.

You can enter your ZD debug into the Log Analzyer on the Support Portal front page. 

It will create a 3D map of your Root and Mesh APs.  You can click on either node,
and then the Mesh Info tab, to check and see if both APs have sufficient RSSI.  This
is similar to what TSEs can pull from your ZD debug with internal (Merlin) tool.  In
this case, this AP, can see AP_1F:E5:10 at RSSI of 27 on channel 157, so is a good
mesh candidate.

AP: c4:10:8a:1f:cc:60 / / fc00::1
Name : AP2
Mesh Role : ROOT AP

  Neighbor MAC rssi/radio ch state adv depth reason last seen
c4:10:8a:1f:c6:10 13/11g/n 1 0 0 Tue Jul 8 01:31:11 2014
c4:10:8a:1f:be:00 27/11g/n 1 0 0 Tue Jul 8 01:09:11 2014
c4:10:8a:20:8d:c0 29/11g/n 8 0 0 Tue Jul 8 01:27:11 2014
c4:10:8a:1f:e5:10 27/11a/n 157 D 1 1 c Tue Jul 8 01:35:34 2014

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Wow, that's pretty awesome. Why is it that the outdoor AP's can establish links so much further than indoor AP's? Do they have a higher transmit power, or a different beam pattern?